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Just like our heating page states, you should always schedule A/C service at the beginning of each spring to get your system checked. Our technicians will ensure your unit’s maximum running efficiency, so you aren’t left without the comfort of cool air during the hot summer months. Changing your air filter monthly helps maintain the circulation of air flow and reduces your energy costs.

Air-Conditioning Systems

Units Using R22 Freon – How the Phase-Out Affects You

It is very important to work with a qualified service technician to maintain your systems efficiency and refrigerant charge as well as reducing your system’s impact on the environment.


Starting in 2010, equipment manufacturers cannot make new R-22 systems due to the Clean Air Act. After 2020, chemical manufacturers cannot produce R-22 for servicing central air conditioners and heat pump equipment.


Keep in mind that the production, not the use, of R-22 is being phased out. You are not required to stop using R-22 air conditioners nor to replace existing equipment. While R-22 remains available for servicing equipment made before 2010, you should know that R-22 supplies will become more limited and the price of this refrigerant may increase.

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Attic Fans

Proper ventilation and insulation of your attic will certainly decrease your energy usage.

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